Back at it!

So it’s been awhile… And for a good reason! I’m getting married! I couldnt be more excited, but needless to say, it’s taken up much of my spare time.

BUT not today. Today, I’m back. Today, I transformed some basic CSA beets (from Vollmer Farms) into homemade brownies!

Beets and other root vegetables like turnips are things I just cant stomach. However, when my fiance and I joined our CSA, we made a pact to not waste anything. I was going to eat these beets if it killed me. I found the perfect recipe to do just that. Beets covered in chocolate! perfect!!

I cant promise they are any more healthy than those without beets, but for some odd reason, having a vegetable in them, makes me feel A LOT better about eating them.

You can even see the beets in the picture. Cute little red reminders that you’re actually eating something healthy! If you have some beets laying around, I’d recommend. It is rich, be ready!




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