OMG Weekend Brunch at Scratch

Last fall Marty’s mom mentioned an article in Southern Living that spoke about a small eatery in Durham called Scratch. Scratch? I had never heard of it?! How did Southern Living know about a local gem I did not! Let alone Marty’s mom in FL!

Much has changed since that conversation. Lets just say Scratch and I are now friends. I see them regularly at the downtown Durham Farmers Market, follow them on Twitter, and even enjoyed one of their gingerbread cakes with family for Thanksgiving.

What I had not done until this past weekend, was eat at their bricks and mortar location in downtown Durham. I had some time to kill after a run Saturday and was hungry for a yummy breakfast. Where could I go….SCRATCH. I was so excited to go check it out.

photo 1

The great thing about their location is that it is right near a downtown Durham parking garage. It technically is on Orange Street and if your GPS is smart enough, it wont tell you to turn down the pedestrian only street like mine did. Parking was free Saturday morning in the garage, so I scooted in, parked front row and walked a few steps to Scratch.

Scratch opens on Saturday at 9am. I got there at about 9:30am. It was packed. There about 10 tables inside and 4 outside. My conclusion: If you want a seat, you’ll probably have to get there early. I got a biscuit with a ‘farm fresh egg’ and cheddar to go. OMG. It was the best $3.75 I have spent in a long time. It was amazingly delicious.

photo 2

The atmosphere is really welcoming. If I didnt feel bad about hogging a table for just me, I could have sat inside and drank coffee, enjoying delicacies for hours.

I cant wait to enjoy it again with friends.

A must check out!



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