Kale Chips

I’m officially turning over a new leaf in 2014. (no pun intended) More veggies, less cookies. (We’ll see how long it lasts)

To start this new endeavor, I cooked and cooked this weekend. Some of my favorites included, kale chips and spinach with sesame seeds and soy sauce.

I’ve made kale chips before, and wasnt a fan. Everyone rants and raves about them so I thought I’d give them another shot.

I ended up stopping by the South Durham farmers market this weekend to show some support in the middle of winter. Let me just say this. It was friggin cold out there! I walked away with some kale and carrots. Then the question became, what to do with them. Kale chips it was! We’ll get to the carrots later.

I found this recipe that suggested cooking the kale at low heat and topping with nutritional yeast.


One of the important suggestions in the recipe is to really spread out the kale. Dont bunch it all on one sheet, it should barely touch other leaves, if you’d like to keep the crispiness.

photo 1

I had bought some nutritional yeast a week or so ago for some homemade veggie burgers. It’s claim to fame is that it gives a cheese like flavor. Have I mentioned my love for cheese? I found it in the bulk section of whole foods. My small bag cost about a dollar. They have larger containers that are close to $10, but I didnt need that much. Please note nutritional yeast is not the same as regular yeast. I was tempted by the small packet at target, but you need to buy at a whole foods or earth fare.

The funny thing about my kale chip adventure was the smell while they were cooking. It smelled like burnt popcorn! I was so worried my little leaves would catch on fire. We rode out the storm and let them stay in there for their allotted time.

photo 2

I’ll say this. They are very delicate. I laughed out loud when Marty tried one because it basically fell apart on his first bite. Maybe it was the type of kale we got that made them that way, who knows.

What’s important, we gobbled them down, and I’ll definitely make again. I’ve found lots of suggestions as to how to season differently etc.

Hope you’re able to try some soon!


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