Baby Goat Feeding (O-M-G)

Some people get excited for the new release of the iphone, others about sports tickets, me, baby goat feeding. Yes, you read that right, baby goat feeding. One of the local farms we visited on the tour, Prodigal Farm, invites the community out to their land every spring to assist with feeding all the baby goats. Let’s just say I signed up the first day I got the email.


I love the story of the farm. Corporate attorney from NYC becomes NC goat farmer. And if that isnt cool enough for you, the goats live on school buses. love it!

Here’s a short video they did:

And the official baby volunteer call from their newsletter (which I highly recommend signing up for):

Folks are already asking . . . will we have volunteer opportunities for baby goat feeding?  Definitely!  Kidding will start the first week of March, and we’ll issue a call for adult volunteers as soon as we hit “critical babymass.”  We can’t do it without our fabulous community; and y’all are a big part of the reason that our goats love people so much.  We feed the babies at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day.  You never know whether you’ll be there when one of the big girls is going to give birth.  And it’s so satisfying to watch these adorable, loving little creatures get bigger and explore their world.

If you’re local, you should really consider volunteering, I mean how much more rewarding can you get!

Prodigal cheeses can be found at the South Durham and State farmers market. I highly recommend the plain or marinated feta.



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