Shrimp and Grits (doubled)

After going back and forth on what to cook for a small dinner party we were hosting at our house, I settled on one of my all time favorite dishes, shrimp & grits. I’ve had it a million times at restaurants, but never made it at home. Until this weekend!

I looked at a half a dozen recipes before I selected the one below from Splendid Table. They know food, so I knew I could trust it. Prepare yourself. No calorie is spared in this recipe. Bacon, whole milk-yes please!

The journey to dinner started at one of my favorite specialty stores, Southern Seasons. Marty and I had to pick up some Christmas gifts, so we enjoyed an AWESOME brunch at their restaurant, Weathervane, before hitting the shop.

photo 2

After lunch, we picked up what we needed, including some local stone ground grits and made our way back to Raleigh.

No dinner party of ours goes without bread on the table. Who cares if you’re having smothered and covered grits, you may want some bread and butter too. I splurged and picked up a loaf of La Farm’s asiago round loaf. I’ve heard so much about their bakery in Cary, but I had never tried it. Let me just tell you. It was so worth the cost. I couldnt get enough.

photo 3

But this blog isnt about bread, it’s about shrimp and grits!

Back to the grits. I polled my facebook friends who said that milk would be better than stock when cooking the grits. I took their advice seriously and used not just regular milk, but whole milk. yummmm. Beware, although I doubled the recipe,  my grits took much longer than 30 minutes. Make sure you allow plenty of time.

photo 4

The meal turned out wonderful. The only thing I’d change would be the amount of butter when you poach the shrimp. I really dont think you need all that much and truthfully, the grits were creamy enough on their own, they didnt need more butter.

When I doubled it, this recipe fed 5 with some leftovers (3 men). I couldnt have been more pleased on how it came out.

I’m officially a true Southerner now, almost 8 years later! I made Shrimp and Grits from scratch! Yee Haw!


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