Vegetarian Dinner: Acorn Squash

Catch this mouthful:


Roasted Acorn Squash and Apples with Quinoa, Kale, and Tahini Maple Dressing

Yes, this is what Marty and I had for dinner. You read that correct, as in our main dish. For those that know Marty, it must be hard to imagine he ate just vegetables for dinner. My little hippie.

He wont admit it, but I know he really liked it. I know I did! It wasnt the easiest to prepare in a rush after work, but I got it plated and forgot about how messy I left the kitchen until much later.

Here is the recipe:

I only had one acorn squash and it worked fine. Though we probably could have ate another. I also didnt use all the kale called for. Dont judge me now. We’re new to the kale bandwagon and I didnt want to overdo it as we continue to dip our toe in.

The only down side to this recipe is that your oven will get smokey. Turn your vent fan on and dont ask surprised if the smoke detector goes off.

This recipe is REALLY well written. Meaning it tells you how to plan to make everything done in time.

I’d rate this dish high. It was so different and really fun to make.

Acorn Squash: Durham Farmers Market, Coconut Oil: Gift from a friend who visited Belize (I believe that was where she got it from)


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