Bison Burgers

Never in a million years did I ever think I’d eat BISON. This Saturday I was piddling my way through the Durham Farmers market and saw the Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm stand. Marty loves bison jerky so I picked some up for him, and decided to get some ground meat for burgers. We were in need of food (and ideas!) for dinners this week, so it was an easy yes. I will admit, I was a bit terrified of how it would taste.


We made basic burgers with Worcestershire, salt/pepper, and some garlic salt. I mimicked this recipe and even watched the video to be absolutely sure I made the best bison burger possible.

The farm we purchased the meat from, Sunset Ridge, has a great section on their website detailing the health benefits of bison compared to red meat and even chicken. Who knew bison was that low in fat, not me, that’s for sure! And who knew there was such a large bison farm right here in the Triangle!

On their farm website, I loved the story about how the farm has been passed down from previous generations, and how they’re adamant about not growing the heard, even with greater business opportunities. Those buffalo are so cute! And they can run 40 mph-OMG. I’d love to see a heard at full speed, holy cannoli!

So, what was the final verdict on how it tasted? I survived. I basically plugged my nose on the first bite, but ended up thinking they had less of a ‘meat taste’ than beef. Lesson learned for me, I should have cooked them a bit longer. The video says 3 minutes per side, and they were a bit too rare for my liking. It definitely was something I’ll try again, maybe not for leftovers tomorrow, but yes, I will eat bison again. Maybe next time, we’ll try it in chilli as suggested on the webpage.



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