Triangle Farm Tour


Once a year, this city girl gets her ‘farm’ on at the Triangle Farm Tour event. Every September, the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association sells tickets both online and at local groceries for the tour. The weekend event features approximately 27 farms in the area and employs an open house concept that allows you to meet the farmers and their prized animals/gardens.

Last year, I went for the first time with Marty, his brother and some friends. As newbies, we made some key mistakes. First, we didnt bring a cooler. Bringing a cooler is key if you want to purchase some produce/meat at the farms and keep it cool as  you venture along your route. The next thing we didnt plan for was hydration. Between the heat and the walking around at the farms, I was quickly toast last year with no water. This year, we learned from our mistakes and planned early.


Saturday, we caravaned with two full cars and lots of cameras eager to catch the moments. The farms we visited included:

1. Bull City Farm: My absolute favorite thing about bull city farm was playing with the TWO (yes 2) day old calves. STOP IT. They were so cute I could barely take it. We learned about their bee hives and helped to pick names for the donkey.


2. Prodigal Farm: One of my favorite stops at the farmers market is Prodigal Farm. With some of the best goat cheese EVER, I knew I had to meet my ‘maids a milking’ in person. I see one of their owners almost weekly at the South Durham Farmers market. Saturday, we got to play with the baby goats-um YES. BABY GOATS. Who I was shocked to see, all have name tags with their own individual names beginning with G. How cute is that. And they live in school buses. Yes, you read that right. Check out their webpage for more on that.



3. Green Button Farm: Sadly we hit Green Button just as the rain started, which made for a fun adventure through the fields. The pigs greeted us along the path as we made our way to the poultry barn where we got a tutorial on how they run their business. I felt like I was at work with words like ‘business plan’ being tossed out like we were at a corporate board meeting. It was very cool to hear them talk about how they’ve acquired grants, sustained a large CSA of roughly 150 members and are one of the top picks for local restaurants when it comes to meat. Every bird in their poultry barn is already sold. They said that’s their business model. Awesome!




All of these farms can be found at the South Durham Farmers Market.

Happy Eating!


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