Kale Round 2-Drowning in Peanut Butter

Wednesday I overheard one of the vendors say that kale is back with excitement. I have a love hate relationship with kale, so my smile back was halfhearted. It’s good for me, I know, but I feel like I need to plug my nose before I take my first bite. After a internal pep talk, I sucked it up and grabbed a bunch for home.

I’ve been trying to think of a good recipe since Wednesday for our beloved kale. With some fresh tomatoes also staring at me from the market, I was able to manipulate my pinterest search to show me recipes that used both.

As soon as I found this recipe below, I knew it was game on. Peanut butter! Um, yes please!

Recipe: http://ashleyneese.com/blog/summer-kale-tomato-stew-over-brown-rice/

I will say I was a bit skeptical just by the ingredients. 1 full cup of cilantro? And peanut butter? Those certainly dont seem to go well together in my head.

This recipe also gave me the opportunity to use one of my favorite kitchen tools, our pampered chef slap chop. I chopped everything with that guy. Garlic, Onion, Tomatoes, Kale-watch out! I’m not sure which I love more, the chopper or the dyson vacuum. (I’m so hip)


My recipe substitutes included: quinoa instead of rice, crunchy peter pan peanut butter and a mixture of yellow cherry and traditional tomatoes vs heirloom.

I could almost feel myself yelling at the kale, “you’re gross!” through the lid of the pan. Though I regretted that comment when I had my first bite.


I dont know if it was all the spices or the peanut butter, but the flavor was just delicious. I tasted the crunch of the peanuts which was wonderful and didnt even taste the bitterness of the kale at all. Win!! I also didnt even need any cheese on top, it was tasty just as it was. Which is another big win for me.

My next goal is to convince Marty it’s spinach vs kale. I think I may have a chance.


Looking forward to enjoying this for leftovers!


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