Fire in the Triangle-Local Chef Competition

Earlier this week, Marty and I went to one of our favorite events all year, Fire in the Triangle.


Using a tournament set up and a concept similar to the tv show ‘chopped’, they seek out local chefs to compete head to head using a local ingredient that is a secret to both the chefs and attendees until that day. Each chef must make an appetizer, entree and dessert using this secret ingredient. Last year we went for it’s inaugural year in Raleigh and had so much fun, we marked the calendar to make sure we could go again in 2013.

After each course, the audience votes on a variety of categories to give the dish a final score. Scores are tallied and at the end, the winner is announced and moves on to the next round. Here you can see Marty taking his scores very seriously. Its all done through their own app.


This year, we decided to go big or go home, so we bought tickets to the finale. Our secret ingredients were Durham made Fullsteam beer and North Carolina angus beef. Jackpot!

Here are some pictures of the dishes. Words cant describe the yumminess. Both chefs definitely came to play.




After a nail biting finish, Dean Thompson, of Flights Restaurant in Raleigh was the all around winner. I’m looking forward to trying their restaurant, along with others that were part of the competition.

The event takes place in Boone, Wilmington, Greensboro and Charlotte (first year). If you’re looking for a fun date night, I’d highly recommend checking it out.




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