Big Spoon Roasters-Peanut Butter


My sincerest apologies for being such a bad blogger lately. With my work life balance back in check, I’m ready for more cooking!

Today, I wanted to share the story of Big Spoon Roasters. A few years ago, I sampled their peanut butters at the Carrboro Farmers Market during a food tour. I remember the owner working the booth and telling his story. I didnt end up buying because I was suffering from initial sticker shock not knowing then that purchasing local can be a bit more expensive, but so worth it! And at that point, I still thought Peter Pan was the best there was.

 As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of freshly roasted peanut butter. I’m officially addicted to the whole foods honey roasted variety. Theirs is pricie, but big spoons is a bit more expensive based on my math. Ever since then I’ve wanted to try to see if I could tell the difference.

This week the local paper did a article on how the small start up is making quite the splash.

I absolutely love when people follow their passion and make that passion a successful business venture. With all the local hype over the past week, I bit the bullet and bought my first jar at the local whole foods.

Taste test summary: Very smooth. I could taste the fresh honey and the coconut oil made that smoothness much better. It was very yummy! I had mine with an apple, so I’ll need to try more (duh) on some bread to see if I can tell more of a difference.

A big congratulations to them for a great product!

Go Durham and NC!

Big Spoon Roasters Website:



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