Gazpacho and Shrimp

Last summer I had gazpacho for the first time at a potluck dinner. I remember being so taken aback as to how fresh and enjoyable it was. Since we’re in the heart of tomato season here in NC, I was bound and determined to make a homemade batch myself.


I found this great recipe on pinterest that combined my beloved cold soup with fish I had ready to go in my freezer-shrimp! A perfect way to make a weekday dinner fun.

Because of some travel, I was unable to get to the farmers market and had to pick up most of the ingredients at my second favorite place, Whole Foods.

Armed with just about every vegetable under the sun, I arrived home and began chopping. Due to my boyfriend’s sensitive palette, I did not use the jalapeno, and pulled a total blonde brain at the grocery and forgot to get a cucumber.

After chopping for what seemed like days, I threw all of my ingredients in the food processor and watched the gazpacho form. Easy recipe does not describe.

I let it chill for a day before we ate with our grilled shrimp. I will say this. The soup had some heat. Some may be kind. It was REALLY spicy. I’m torn between thinking it was the onion or the globs of garlic. I also began to wonder if the cucumber would have balanced it out a bit. Marty was not a huge fan.


Although we ate it with our grilled shrimp, I actually enjoyed it better the next day over some quinoa for lunch.


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