Blueberry and Blackberry Picking

Today I found out why blueberries are so darn expensive. Let me explain what it’s like to pick these lovelies off a blueberry bush. First, it was in the mid 90s today, so the sun was beating down hard. (remind me why I showered today?) Then, there are bees everywhere. Being allergic to bees, that never makes me feel too comfortable. I treaded lightly around them and regularly talked to them as if they can hear me. “Not trying to hurt you or your berries little buddy.”

If that isnt hard enough, you have to look really close to find the ‘blue’ berries, not the purple berries, not the red berries and not the green berries, the blue ones. ZZZZZZZ. Man this is hard work! But you know what, I LOVED every second. It was so peaceful out in Vollmer’s ‘you pick patch’, it was ALMOST (almost) relaxing. No, really it was. I cant wait to ask Marty to plant some blueberry bushes in our backyard for next year.

Here is a picture of the Vollmer field and an up close view of how one needs to carefully pick the perfect blueberries.



After filling up about half my bucket, I headed over to pick some blackberries. There werent a ton of ripe ones, so I  only got about a pound. The crazy thing about the blackberry bushes were the dragon flies. (at least that’s what this city girl thought they were) You’d be picking and then all of a sudden, bam! a ginormous dragon fly would hit you in the face. After a few loud, OMG’s, I high tailed out of there and went to pay for my pickings.

(look hard to find the ripe ones)


The only downside to picking at Vollmer’s is the price. They are pricey, but it’s convenient for me and they are one of the only you pick farms in the area that have all organic products. That makes it worth the price to me. I know they are grown with care and everyone is very friendly and helpful. O and they have homemade icecream…not that I’ve had any or anything… 🙂

Farm: Vollmer Farm

Here is an after picture of me post 2 lbs of blueberries and a pound of blackberries. Get in my belly!



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