Bread and Jam (yes carbs)

Today I got myself a treat at the farmers market, CARBS. Carbs in the shape of a yummy loaf of sunflower bread from the Ninth Street Bakery in Durham. I couldnt wait to have a slice. I was literally dreaming of it the whole way home. ImageAs soon as I got all of my veggies, eggs and cheese from today’s trip to the market in the fridge, I sliced that puppy and popped it in the toaster. What is the best compliment to yummy bread? Fresh jam! A few weeks back when I went strawberry picking at Vollmer Farms, I bought this yummy jam for rainy days. It definitely brightens up any piece of bread.

The toast and jam was all that i could have expected and more. Such a great treat!

Ninth Street Bakery:




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