Creamy Garlic Pasta with Shrimp & Vegetables

This weekend I was a lady on a mission at the farmers market. We were staying in Saturday night after a day of house projects, so i knew we’d want a hearty dinner. We had some shrimp in the freezer I wanted to use, so this recipe struck a cord.


As I looked to get all of the ingredients needed for the recipe, I found this beautiful fresh parsley from Parker Farm and Vineyard. What I’ll do with the rest, still is unknown.


Then I fell in love with this ELEPHANT garlic. The first time I saw it, i literally said to the vendor, wait, what is this?! I took a photo here in front of our pasta box so you can get a feel for the size. It has 4 large cloves and is DELICIOUS.


I cant wait to throw that baby in the oven and spread on some bread-YUM.

OK-sorry to digress. A few things I did differently in the recipe. I used a green vs red pepper because I found them at the market, used penne instead of spaghetti because we already had it, and did not use pine nuts.

It turned out really yummy. I did add a bit more pasta than the recipe called for and cooked the pasta/veggies/shrimp for a bit longer than suggested.

All I could taste was the garlic, which I was totally ok with, but Marty said he could only taste the lemon. Needless to say, we ate every last drop in our bowls and packed the rest for leftovers today.

It is a unique summer dinner if you’re looking for something different!



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