Eggplant Hummus


How pretty are these eggplant! So pretty! I bought them last weekend at the South Durham farmers market and wanted to use it in a way that wasnt covered in cheese or breading. Not easy to find one of those recipes!

My poor little pretty eggplant were also  in the fridge for almost a week so I was pressed for time to get them cooked. I initially was just going to roast them, until I found this eggplant hummus recipe. How different and yummy.


It was super easy and put a unique spin on the standard hummus. If I’m being honest though, I’d say that the few nibbles of the roasted eggplant I had out of the oven were SOOO good. It almost made me want to change my direction of what to make and finish the little guys right then and there.

The good news about this recipe though is that it will be a healthy snack for the whole week, not just a side at one sitting.

Happy cooking!



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