Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Since I’ve started this challenge to cook more using a variety of local foods, I’ve really seen how cooking can be a labor of love. Cooking a meal or dessert from scratch is such a high, but geesh, the time commitment! So long tv, hello blender and oven. Tonight I was excited to make my boyfriend his favorite cupcakes for his birthday. I had the time, so I pulled out the old peeler and got the carrots ready for their time in the spotlight. He loves carrot cake and after some searching, I found this recipe online: (I did not use raisins or walnuts) I was surprised to see the orange zest. Some of the recipes I found, even included orange juice. I was trying to avoid a huge trip to the grocery, so this one fit perfect with what we had at home.


What I did use:

-Fresh local eggs from Sassafras Farms

-Fresh local carrots from Dig It Farms

I put them in the oven for about 18-20 minutes and they came out really fluffly and moist. I mean really really really. (I had to try one or two just to make sure they were alright)

One short cut I did take was to use my ninja blender to shred the carrots. I was definitely skeptical, but I used the food processing container/blade and it worked perfect.

Start to finish, I’d say it took me 1.5 hours-but they are so worth it!

Happy Birthday to Marty!



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