Goat Cheese, Tomatoes and Basil

IMG_1453As I was walking through the State Farmers market in Raleigh a few weeks back, a man at a cheese stand called me over to ‘taste test’. (Like I’m going to decline free cheese) Normally, my trips to the farmers market are for veggies only, but this time proved different. After chatting with him a bit and tasting a variety of cheeses, I walked out with two different kinds of cheese from his goat farm.

One, was a standard goat cheese. I had told him I wanted a flavored goat cheese, and he encouraged me to start with the plain, since you can really tell the difference between the store bought. Yep, one taste and I was sold. The second item I bought from them was a marinated feta. Again, one bite, sold. The taste of both is so fresh and rich, I cant imagine being upset with any of their cheeses in your fridge. Yum!!

They are at both the Raleigh State Farmers Market and South Durham Farmers market on Saturdays. I’d encourage you to talk to them about their goats, because their stories really tell you how much they love them. (almost like children!)

When I got home, I did a bit more research on the couple. I found out that he and his wife left corporate America in NYC to start this farm in NC, which I thought was fascinating. A really interesting read if you have the time. And the pictures of the goats are so stinking cute!


I’ve used both cheeses in a variety of dishes, but one that we made yesterday was quite yummy.

Recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/314751/tomato-and-goat-cheese-salad-with-basil

With an heirloom tomato from the market, fresh basil from the backyard, and this amazing goat cheese from Prodigal Farms, I couldnt get enough. An easy summer side that is worth trying. And different from the traditional TBM.

Cheese: Prodigal Farms http://www.prodigalfarm.com

Tomato: S&H Farm https://www.facebook.com/SandHFarm



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