Roasted Broccoli

A few days ago, I began my 31st year. What a great birthday. It was filled with cupcakes, sushi and ice cream. Three of my most favorite things in the whole wide word. The broccoli I got this past weekend however, has been staring at me all week. Eat me. Eat me. I know, I know, I’d say back. My struggle was finding a way to cook it that would make it different from how I’m accustomed to eating the beloved veggie.

Then, I found this recipe for roasted crispy broccoli. I was skeptical of the lemon and parm, but I gave it a shot. I roasted mine at 425 for 28ish minutes and it came out perfectly crispy. Before plating, I squeezed fresh lemon juice and sprinkled just a hair of parm on top.


Yum! The lemon does indeed make it very refreshing and the salt of the parm evens it out just right.

A easy week day must try.


Broccoli: Pine Knot Farms. This farm has been around for over 100 years! Same family. check out their site here:


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