Fresh Garlic & Fingerling Potatoes

At the farmers market this weekend, I had one of those a-ha moments. It all happened when I found this fresh, from the ground, like from real dirt, beautiful garlic. It has friggin purple in it for goodness sake. I wanted to frame it in my kitchen. Even though we already had some dried garlic from the grocery at home, I couldnt resist this beauty. And couldnt wait to use it.


For dinner Sunday, I roasted some fingerling potatoes from the market with garlic infused olive oil. I picked these two little guys from the bulb and diced it up. They were so cute and so different from my store bought garlic.

The roasted potatoes turned out great, though Marty thought they tasted bland. Knowing my garlic was there, I couldnt get enough.

ps If it means anything, i got my beautiful bulb for all of $0.75! steal!


Anyone have a piece of gum?

Farm: Sassafrass


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