Fish Sundays

When I hit 30, I decided to take advantage of the free nutritional consults my employer offers. It seemed like a good time, since I was officially-old. What I heard was that I needed to eat less starch and more vegetables and fish. Not cookies, I questioned? After telling Marty, he was of course up for the challenge.


The nutritionist suggested fish twice a week. Lofty. Does she know me? To make this goal more manageable, we decided to institute ‘Fish Sundays’.

If I’m being honest, I dont love fish. I blame it on the gross lake erie fish I ate as a child. But every Sunday, I dip my toe in the water and try to choke down my serving.

This past Sunday, we had mahi mahi with some quinoa and broccoli from the farmers market. Marty usually just seasons it and puts it on the grill to cook through.

Local ingredients: Some of the most beautiful broccoli we’ve ever had from dig it farm. Found at the south durham market.


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